I'm re-installing the original...

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I still have it and it's about 10 times more fun than this soulless rip-off. With music that's 20 times better.

I rarely feel "ripped off" by a game company. You wait a few days after release, read your reviews, watch some Let's Plays on Youtube, and make an informed decision. If you're wrong and don't like the game, dem's da breaks.

This company, this time, went to great lengths to try to convince gamers that this game was something it is not. I feel like this was a conscious decision on the part of the developers/distributors to try to grab a quick buck by using the name of a venerable PC title, before the outrage started.

I guess that's capitalism, caveat emptor and all that, but I DO my homework, I WAIT and INVESTIGATE, I'm a careful consumer of PC games, and I feel RIPPED OFF and CHEATED.

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completely agree and I'm doing the same. Glad i rented.

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Totally forgot about how much better the music was in the original. Shortly into MW2 I turned it off it was so bad. It's bad enough that this game lacks a story and characters that gave the original soul, I can't even get excited about acquiring new cars when I know all I have to do is drive to them and just repeat the same races over and over to equip them with what are basically very simple and often useless upgrades.

MW 2 = 15+ hrs of potential gameplay, only a few of which is fresh and new.

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You sound pretty ticked off :-)  I just picked up the original MW on 360 to make sure I had a copy for posterity as they are in short supply in stores.  Started playing it a few days ago, and it made me smile.  Still a good looking game and the cars are awesome to drive.  Along with a rear view mirror, bonnet camera and customisation. Rock it!!!