I'm glad I rented this game and did not buy it.

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Wow, after two hours playing it, gonna just spend the rest of my rentail period playing ACII. You know its gonna be bad when its a racing game.....and the steering sucks. I mean, I don't know what it's like to drive drunk in real life, but this game is a good simulation.  the steering is so sloppy and inconsistent it makes you wonder if they even botherd to test this game.  steering has no fine control it's either no steering or full power slideand you're facing backwards. 7.5 is a gift, more like 5.0 max. 

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sounds like your bad at racing games. :p each car in the game drives different. if you played for 2 hours you shouldof found 5-10 cars, and noticed that each one drives differently. the starter cars are easy to drive in my opinion but i cant really drive them good. i tend to use the fast cars with high control. in this game you really have to find the car for you just like they say in trailer.
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I agree. I hate the steering as well. Will be trading this in on a Hitman preorder.

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Yeah you must be not very good at racing games. Look at the original MW, 0-80 KPH, the car is sliding around like it's on ice, until you pass 80 KPH and it magically straightens itself out. -.- You have to learn to drift, or brake. You don't go around a corner at 250 KPH without crashing usually... So brake. Duh. :P Everyone ranting about this game is forgetting something else that they're not thinking about that evens out their complaint.
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Game is worth it...I thought like you did when I bought it.  I had a "WTF did I just do" moment but then I slowed down and learned to take the turns.  I'm happy now.