I need a PC NFSMW LE game save that's from the start!

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I have a problem with my version of NFSMW LE! It's only happened since installing a new DX3D 11 video card in my system. It never happened before with my old card and now always crashes when the girl says 'you need cars, lots of them!' during the intro video I have found that if you use a gamesave then it will bypass that intro screen and work perfectly! Problem is is that I had to completely wipe my system and therefore wiped my old gamesave! I've only been able to find a gamesave with 74% completion but all the blacklist done. What I'd like to find is a save where it's just started so I can place that in the relevant folder as I know it'll work and may also work for others with this issue. So, if there's any kind hearted people out there that wouldn't mind uploading a fresh game save from their /Documents/criterion games/Need For Speed(TM) Most Wanted/Save folder it's be much appreciated by me and most likely everyone else who has this problem.
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I would just uninstall the DX11 which can cause issues with some new games in my experience, go back to DX10 Rather than start adding game saves to you game folder as DX11 may still have issues even after the intro!