Need For Speed: Most Wanted will define cool.

User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed Most Wanted X360
:Good Idea:
·The difficulty can't be set in career. You'll actually just get better at the game, increasing your level of game with the computer opponents. Some of the boss races may be a little bit harder towards the end but they're still obtainable.
·The cops are a great addition to the game. It's really fun to run from the cops and try to see how well you can outrun them.
·Online modes are pretty fun, although a little basic.

:Bad Idea:
·Speaking of the previous Underground series, Underground 2 had some cool "cosmetic" features, such as the custom speakers and pimping your ride with some hydraulics.
·Frame rates are suffering in higher resolutions (even 720p doesn't ride as smooth).

·It's a good start to something that could come out even better. But for the time being, it's a good buy and is really fun online.

:Achievement Challenge:
·The achievements are a little difficult towards the end. Some of the later bosses almost make you too dizzy to race them from the speed but overall I believe the achievements are easy to obtain. I'd say you could get them in about a day or two, if you're new.