Strategic, thrilling, and just flat-out fun

User Rating: 8.8 | Need for Speed Most Wanted X360
Need for Speed: Most Wanted isn't just a game for those who love racing. This is coming from a person who couldn't even beat Mario Cart- this game is incredible. While trying to win your car back, you can update old cars you have. Unlike most racing games, you can customize your cars down to the smallest detail. Learning to play is a bit more difficult as when you get better and more efficient cars, you attain more options for your car, thus adding new buttons. The overall difficulty of the game is between medium-hard and hard. Graphics are stunning and the sound is nothing less than perfect. Between outrunning the cops and jumping over cars, you won't know where to start.

The Good: Thrilling, even people who don't enjoy racing games will love this one. It also requires a bit of strategy so it's not all just "hit the pedal and go".

The Bad: The game is a bit difficult and the car can be hard to control at high speeds. There are many different "sub-levels" before each main level which can be frustrating.

The Point: This game is just excitement and fun non-stop. There is never a dull moment. Even if you dislike this genre of game, give it a shot and you'll love it.