Best in the Need for Speed series, a classic arcade racing game

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit PC
Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit is an arcade racing game offering the player a chance to drive one of the hottest cars ever made in single races, knockouts or tournaments which unlock more content. Police pursuits, both from the position of the police and the chased racers are also incorporated.

Hot Pursuit has all the elements of a truly great game - fun, speed-filled action, outstanding visuals and background audio, exotic cars, varied locations, intelligent opponents plus lots of little nice touches and details spread throughout that really make a great game outstanding. Be it in the high quality car gallery and description pages, track customisation including driving at night or in traffic, hidden shortcuts featured in every track or the amusing police comments to each other on the radio when in pursuit, this game really shows that someone sweated over the development.

The only noticeable shortcoming which will occasionally bug this game is the lack of damage modelling for the cars. They will happily continue racing without a scratch no matter what amount of abuse you subject them to. As a result, you are in for some pretty ridiculous moments but the playability hardly suffers as a consequence.

Bottom line: While the series has technologically much advanced, the sheer fun of Hot Pursuit remains unmatched by the later installations. A true classic worth playing by every PC racing fan.