NFS + Burnout Formula + Playable Cops = An Epic The best racing game to come out in quiet some time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PC
The illustrious Need for Speed franchise was going nowhere in the last few years. The developers at EA seemed to be vacillating between an out-and-out racing sim and an arcade style game, the result? Dropping sales and pounding reviews.

Fortunately, Criterion Games stepped in and saved the day for EA by providing us with one of the most immersive racing game in an year littered with simulations. All that was required was the original NFS theme; cops and pursuits. To provide a much needed twist a bit of Burnout was thrown in along with an excellent addition to the franchise, playable cop cars.

The Cop mode is without doubt the heart & soul of this NFS installment because finding the police hot on your heels can be found as far back as 1998 (NFS: Hot Pursuit). This mode allows us to play with Cop versions of famous racing cars and no need to say that it is a hell lotta fun!! From watching the fugitive's car somersaulting in the air, Burnout style to a successful spike strip hit that spins the racer's car mad.

And yes, you can always play as the conventional NFS racer; defying the cops and the rules in breathtaking chases. If this wasn't enough you can also use the weapons of the cops against them! because Criterion has privileged you with exactly the same type of weapons as the cops so that the contest doesn't get one sided.

Plus there is that same formula of going up the ladder by winning races and completing tasks; effetively unlocking new cars and events.

Additionally, the Autolog feature adds a whole new dimension to the game, increasing its replayability dramatically because of the simple fact that everyone wants to be the best around!! Your times here at different events are compared to that of your friends with a ranking for every event. To add to the awesomness you can also play online with your pals; a feature that could have been The Factor if only there was LAN support, which sadly isn't there.

In short nothing gets better than a racing game with breathtakingly detailed graphics, pumping soundtracks and hot pursuits from the 'World's Fastest Police Force'...

Gameplay: *****
Graphics: ****1/2
Music: ****
Replay Value: 60%