If you gave this game below at least an 8.0, you're stupid. NFS: Hot Pursuit is one of the best racers available for PC.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PC
Everyone knows how good Criterion Games are at making racing games with epic wrecks and an arcadey feel. EA publishes both Criterion's Burnout and their own Need for Speed series, and asking Criterion to make this game was one of the most reckless decisions ever made.

It was also one of the best. Enter NFS: Hot Pursuit for PC.

The Good

Hot Pursuit claims to bring back the classic cop vs. racer action, and it follows through. The game plays incredibly smoothly (I was surprised at the hyper-fast frame rate) and the cars handle realistically. The variety of simple yet fun events is just one of many things this game has going for it. One of the best gameplay mechanics is the fact that you can be a cop...or a racer, each with unique abilities, controlled via a D-pad.

The PC version of the game holds very true to the console games (I have played the PS3 version; I know what I'm talking about), looking and feeling almost the same. The cars move just as smoothly and look just as shiny as in the consoles.

One new feature, Autolog, lets you easily beat your friends' times and post in-game snapshots to your wall. The game also recommends events for you. This is one of the most satisfying additions to the game; now I can get rid of my Xfire and post my own pics.

One more little thing: There's no Ferrari cars in the game? WHY SHOULD I CARE!!!!! There's enough better cars in the game that could KILL Ferrari, so why do you need them? You don't!
The Bad

There's not much to dislike about Hot Pursuit. I only have a couple of minor issues; first, the game can't run at optimum performance levels on my computer. This is a minor complaint, as I see some fuzzy edges and don't care. (Hear that? I DON'T CARE!!!!!) The second issue is that sometimes the AI cars move a little choppily as compared to your silky-smooth car. This is also a minor complaint; the cars end up in the same places either way. And anyone who disagrees should get off the computer and get a life.

The Verdict

An almost perfect game in a sea of junk. I love NFS: HP (especially compared to all those other NFS games) and will be playing it a whole lot.