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User Rating: 8.3 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PC
Okay, I'll be brief here: This is a very fun game. Most of the cars are just slightly fun to drive, but once you get into the 200+ mph cars, you'll be completely hooked. Thus, save up your credits and buy them near the beginning, instead of buying the cars completely in order.

Driving these is a huge thrill, especially if you have a great PC gamepad ;-).
The feeling of speed is irresistible, and taking control of a slide after coming out of a big collision is a whole lot of fun. The AI is decent (some of the other drivers will be aggressive {The ones who come in second [to you]} and some will be passive {the ones that lose}. The tracks don't vary that much between "sets" (There's four sets of tracks, and all the tracks in any particular set are pretty similar) but the sets vary well, from alpine driving to tropical cruising.

Gameplay: See above paragraph. Very fun, very fast. Very good.

Graphics: It's an old game, so the graphics aren't that great. They don't really hurt your experience any though.

Sound: Basic motor noises, nothing much. The soundtrack is awful except for one song, "One Little Victory" by Rush.

Value: Even today this is fun, and you can get it for very cheap now.

Reviewer's Tilt: As said before, I enjoyed this a lot.

One last note: The cars all feel heavy. You get used to it after a while, but now it messes me up in other racing games. It actually makes this one a little more fun I think though.