Addicting, Classic, and Fast-Paced!

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2
This was my first need for speed game i ever played after i got my ps2 slim for christmas when i was 13 (in 2005) and ive been playing this game since january 2006. here, almost six years later, i still enjoy it today! It has a great selection of cars, thrilling police chases, the chance for you to BE the cop, an awesome hard-driving musical soundtrack (Rush, Hot Action Cop, Bush, and more!) , and tons of other thrills within the context of this game. Pulling off manuevers to gain nfs points such as air times, beating the cops, evading roadblocks, etc. is a neat twist to unlock speciallly designed nfs cars to add to your collection. I agree this is arguably one of the best need for speed games out there! the series kind of lost its touch after carbon with the release of prostreet, but it managed to make things up with hot pursuit (2010) and the run. i highly reccomend this game to anybody, racing fanatic or not, for high speed action, adreneline-rushing cop chases/pursuits, gorgeous environments, and racing the dream cars of your choice! do not pass this up!