Good racing game but has so many issues compared to ps2 version.

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 GC
Game play 75.9 % this game is good for need for speed fans there's allot of licensed cars and fun races. Although this game is not like the Xbox version the graphics are uglier and the controls aren't very good. The frame rate has little more problems on the game cube version sometime the game freeze's and it gets annoying. If you're looking for a racing game this is the game to get. The races are pretty challenging and sometimes hard. I haven't played the ps2 version but it looks better and it got a better score I do not know why this game has been modified so much and why it looks nothing like the ps2 version the Xbox pc and GameCube version are not the same. This game has two game modes for career hot pursuit and Championship. In hot pursuit I got all gold medals except for one but I don't think it matters if you beat both championship because there is only an ending on the ps2 version I do not know why. This game has been developed by two developers that Is why the game has been changed on the other consoles. This game has 50 licensed cars and 33 events for both career modes. You can unlock cars and maps for the points that you gain in the career you can also be a cop and participate in events to bust the street racers. The cop AI is extremely great they will find anything to stop you they will ram you they will get backup roadblocks helicopters to drop bombs on the road to stop you. The events in the career start by being easy to being difficult.

Graphics 70 % The graphics aren't like the ps2 version the frame rate is awful and the cars don't look as sharp then on the other consoles the GameCube version is the worst to get but this game is not bad it just has allot of issues that could've been repaired.

Sound 75 % The Music is good and the sound is pretty awful the sound of the cars doesn't sound really good. Example if you're driving a McLaren F1 LM and a jaguar in the game they sound the same thing there's no difference between an exotic or a muscle car in the game that's why it's disappointing. But the Ea trax goes great with hot pursuit.

Controls : The controls in the game have a lag in it if you turn to the left it takes about a second for the car to react its not a badly error but its noticeable if you play for long

I recommend this game for need for speed fans but if you have ps2 get the ps2 version because it's better.

I recommend you to rent to game to see if you like it.

Positive +
+Great licensed cars
+Smart police AI
+Awesome EA Trax
+Great Unlockables

Negative –
-Controlling the car is too hard
-Hard to get gold medals
-Graphics are bad
-Two career modes not necessary
-Long Repetitive races

7.5 Out of 10.0