A good game for Need For Speed Fans !!! 7.5 Out of 10.0

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 XBOX
Gameplay 75.5 % The Game is based for an arcade-style racing game and the game has over 50 licensed cars including police cars. In the game you can play Hot pursuit or championship, hot pursuit is for races with police cars and challenges. But championship is a little different you get to be the cop a couple more times. The gameplay is good overall even know the game has a bad frame rate some and some little problems. Also the controls is the worst part when you drive a car it doesn't feel like you're driving it. When you turn left or right its like if you unplug your controller for two seconds and then you're car turns. The Game works with points not money and when you complete race's in hot pursuit or champinship mode you get a certain amount of points so that you can purchase new cars tracks and also police cars. Well this game on the PS2 is better because this game was made by two different company's. I think this game is pretty good for people that likes racing game and especially need for speed fans. I reccommend that you take that a look a this game first.

Graphics 70 % The graphics are fine for a 2002 game altough if you look at the tree's in the maps you'll agree with me that it looks like green paper.

Sound 75 % The sound in the game is pretty good the cars sound real and the music is good. When you're in a pursuit you can hear the sirens and the bombs from the helicopter wich makes a better feeling in the game.

This game isn't the best in the series but its worth a try. Im not a big fan of this game but i enjoy playing it.

Difficulty: The difficulty is ok but the controls its what makes you crash on tree's and also on the side of the road.

I dont think that you'll spend more then 10 hours on this game.

This game is worth the money and worth playing.