A super fast and super slick arcade racer.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2
Hot cars, fast speeds and police chases is what "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II" is all about. The fact that it has tight controls, great graphics and a good soundtrack is just the icing on the cake. Unlike "Most Wanted", this game actually gives you the option of becoming a cop! It's like two games in one really. You can go with a lengthy race tournament or outrun the cops and rivals in a second mode. Both are extremely challenging and most of all, fun. The tracks are all terrific with shortcuts and big jumps everywhere. The ability to "see in advance" the road you're traveling is a big help. Also, having the camera pan around your car "Matrix" style is a good way to see your surroundings.

The selection of real-life cars is the best a NFS has ever had. They all control "arcade"-like, so don't expect a simulation of sorts. If I had to pick the best "Need for Speed" game ever developed for the PS2, it have to be between the first "Underground" and this one. Racing fans should love every bit of "Hot Pursuit II". If you like "Most Wanted", then you should try this game out, if you haven't already. You might just become addicted.