Hot Pursuit 2 is the Need for speed ever and easily one of the most fun racers ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2
Need for Speed hot pursuit 2 is the best example of a game that no matter the time that has passed from its released it can still be not only fun but also better than most games in the series. The graphics of Need for speed Hot Pursuit may not impress you but they are still good today. It also has a number of real cars that will make you remember the cars of the past. It has a challenging championship both in the mode of racing and in the cops mode that can be hard near the end. One of the biggest advantages for me is the attention on the single player because this game doesn't have a multiplayer! Other than that the game has one of the most realist driving engines ever created that even Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit of 2010 has taken the engine from it. It also has one of the most fun local multiplayer ever. All in all Need for Speed Hot pursuit is one must have for everyone that enjoys racing and want to see the Need for Speed series at its best.