This game has good graphics cheap price tag and fun game play make this game a must have for Play station 2 owners.

User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2
This is the first arcade racer I played and it was very fun when I got the hang of the controls. You unlock new cars levels etc when you earn style points which are earned by doing well in races and by getting your car to go in the air. The only big flaw was that there were only a few music tracks in this game so you will hear them over and over again which gets a little annoying but, it is tolerable. The graphics in this game are very good and the little realism there is makes this game special in its own way. In the one player modes you can do World Championship which is racing without any pesky cops or Hot Pursuit mode were you race CPUS and outrun the cops.

There are a few other modes like free run and be the cop mode which is quite full with two players. The courses in this game are a bit longer than the other Need For Speed games which also makes the game different from the others. There are forty-nine race cars in this game plenty of tracks and quite a few of cop cars you can choose in be the cop mode. I would recommend this game to any Play Station 2 owner.