This classic is the best Need for Speed game you can buy.

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2
Graphics: 17/20
Kinda edgy at some places, scenery is alright, but the track locations are superb.

Gameplay: 20/20
Astonishingly fun. The controls are simple. It'll get you pumped up in no time.

Storyline: 19/20
3 modes to play and 49 cars to drive make this game rich with entertainment. You'll never get bored.

Audio: 9/10
The music the makers picked out are great. Really match the game.

Sidequests: 8/10
Well, the You're the Cop mode is kinda a side-quest. It is fun, but short.

Other: 19/20
Easiness to Learn: 10/10 All you need is a pair of thumbs.
Variety of Vehicles: 9/10: Lots of car manufacturers to pick from. About half of the 49 cars in the game are NFS Editions, tuned versions of the stock cars.

Total: 93/100 = 9.3/10 (9.5)
This game was a childhood favorite of mine. It still is, actually. Wonderful.