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User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 PS2

Metal Jesus the Youtuber included this game in his top 10 PS2 games and I had no choice but to check this more than a decade old game out because I have great social life.

My history with this series started in 1998 when I played NFS2 on PC and loved it. After that I played NFS3 and 4 but to me they sucked and I lost interest in this series.

After that about 87 NFS sequels have been made and I had no interest in any of them until I tried this Hot Pursuit 2 game today on the PS2 and was blown a-way. The championship mode is simply awesome. I guess I will have to revise my top of fav racing games now. This game probably won't outdo FlatOut 2 and Dirt 2 but will conquer my top 10 surely or maybe even top 5.

The only complaint I have is that although the music tracks are great and very fitting, they are small in number.

And as always - PS2 is undoubtedly the best home console ever made.