A win-win combination of Most Wanted and Underground equals Carbon

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed Carbon PS2
I've been playing carbon since its release and still playing it because it such a unique game of the series that doesn't suck but yeah the gameplay might yelling most wanted but the visual style settting and customization is a borderline underground combined both and you get another timeless classic like most wanted with a sight and sound of underground.
Even though it's a PS2 version it got surprisingly good graphics compared to most wanted which is packed with ugly details in just about everything.
The good lighting effects makes the cars look great and it packed with many little details.
Cars selection mostly copied straight from most wanted and some around 15 new cars.
The career though can considered by many to be short but with the new car tier and unique unlock that using one type of car can't unlock other type like most wanted therefore increase the value of few more playthrough.
music is also another strength of carbon it features the original composed music for the game and also the great selection of hip hop/grime,rock,and electronic.
That somehow perfectly suited to any part of the game.
I don't know why carbon is so much more addictive than any other game in the series I can't put it into words maybe atmosphere coupled with great music and settings that just give me a satisfying vibe just like Ridge Racer Type 4.
Carbon is not perfect some few issues like the canyon race that is frustrating than rewarding to win,your racing crew can often seen blocking your way or braking for no reason and the muscle cars that is too one dimensional in performance trait.
Other than that it's a great unique game of the series that is right up there with the greats like Most Wanted,High Stakes and Hot Pursuit 2 except it's a much more addictive game and you'll be hard to resist not to get another version to play through,now I'm ready for PS3 version after all these years it doesn't matter I want more of this!