i hav finished this game and this is my review

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City PSP
it nice ok but there are some bad things like sometimes while playing sometimes the screen goes black all u can see is the orange sky and the car thats when u get angry but when u hav an aston martin it can help u win easily. it is difficult to find the bonus crates but i would say if u want a need for speed game this shoul be ure first one. next u should take is nfs hot pirsuit because it is better than most wanted . carbon is better because u can crash as much as u want there is no heat level. and there is somthin called free roam which is not in most wanted. its quit fun but then u get to know that u r d one who killed your own brother and then u fall in love with sara. I personally think that hot pirsuit is better but carbon also has got good graphics. burnout legends is a good game and so is dominator carbon is an nfs and it surely is an eye catcher or whatever u call it