User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
The Battle for the City is won in the Canyon! EA has tried to make this an adrenaline-filled action packed street racing game that will give you the same kind of rush as if you were taking on the streets yourself. Imagine yourself in your favourite style of car, the muscle and horsepower of the Ford Mustang, the speed and handling of an Exotic like the Lotus Elise or the tuner cars like the Mazda RX-8. You choose the style of car you want to race. In an addition you can customise it in a style that reflects your personality. The world as you know it has been changed. EA has introduced new enhancements to Career Mode, Race of control of the city, Team Building, Car Class and Dream Car Customization. The final say from this reviewer is if you love racing, combined with stellar graphics, and some very impressive new features that will have you playing till the sun comes up. Then Head out to your local store and pick up a copy of Need For Speed Carbon. Definitely a must buy.