Alot of fun racing but my own wingman is the one who keeps killing me!

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed: Carbon PC
I don't get it...
They added a wingman.
I can be way WAY in front and my own wingman cuts me off and makes me slam into a wall, or lose all my speed...
I wish wingmen were optional, but you have to have at least one even if you try to fire them all.
The racing, as with all NFS games, is fun, but what idiot programmed wingmen on your side who mess you up more than the competition does?
If you like the game, but beware of aggravations.
The story and cinematics are better than any of the past (at least in my opinion) and the variety is more wide spread which gives you more optional races, depending on how you choose to play.
Control is great.
Again though, I want to kick my own wingman's butt more than the people I'm racing against...which is sad, he's supposed to be on my side
Haven't played "The Run" yet but I plan too...I'll be back on that.