A Step Down From Most Wanted, But Still Fun To Play

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed Carbon PS2
Since Need For Speed Most Wanted's release in 2005, the Need For Speed franchise started to wane (until the series saw a brief comeback with Hot Pursuit in 2010, but a step down with The Run the following year) and saw the series distancing itself from is traditional roots big time with more of an emphasis on street racing rather than with cop chases. Carbon is no exception as there is more street racing and less cop chases (cop chases are provoked if they catch your reckless driving). Here, you're hiring your own race crew and competing with other race crews to earn money to buy new cars and upgrades. There is also a map system where you can instantly join races with the push of a button, free roam, a safe house where you can customize your car, and your racing crew stats where you can hire/fire your race crews. The place where you buy your cars is within the map system where you can select a car lot manually or you can drive in free roam to get to one. Arcade mode is your typical array of single races, time trials, etc. Overall, Need For Speed Carbon may not be the next Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit or anything, but it's still playable if you're up for street racing.