The solid racing and the online mode are still a worthy addition to this franchise.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed Carbon PS3
Wow. I have to say that the Need for Speed series has improved over the last few years. Although Need for Speed Carbon feels a lot like Most Wanted, the solid racing and the online mode are still a worthy addition to this franchise. Yes, it still feels like Most Wanted because cops chase you around while you race the AI opponents sometimes. It's not too difficult or too easy to escape the, but it can take a lot of minutes to ditch them sometimes. There are times when you can use large objects to block them, and their cars will get damaged occasionally. However, there are key elements on how it's different from Most Wanted.

The presentation is basically the same story modes from Most Wanted. Mostly everything is the same except that it takes place at night time. Several new features have been added to Carbon. The customization modes are still the same, and some of vinyls are available to purchase or race with online.

First, when you do racing modes like sprint, your crew member is on your team. Let's say that your partner, Neville or whoever is in first place, you will still be able to win that race. You can also call him or her by pressing the triangle button. This enables your partner to temporary block or damages your AI. There is a meter on the top left hand corner that lets you know how much energy you have left to let your partner to do his or her dirty work. Not all races have teams, so be prepared to go solo sometimes.

Second, the online mode has been added to the PS3 version of Need for Speed Carbon. You can do rank and unranked matches, and select from any type of race. Don't buy the PS2 version because that has no online mode in it.

The controls are pretty accurate and responsive. You can also drift when you're turning left or right. To sum it all up, it just feels right. You may have a difficult time trying to win drift races because your car isn't all that powerful yet. That was the only part of the game that I was struggling at.

The graphics and sound is also really spot on. The graphics are very detailed, and have light that isn't too bright or too dark. They look a lot like the graphics in Most Wanted, but it takes place at night time. The music is basically generic hip-hop with several Need for Speed theme songs. The soundtracks are great because all that hip-hop really fits in with this type of game.

Overall, Need for Speed fans should definitely check this game out. Although you may be disappointed that it feels too much like Most Wanted, but the extra features make Carbon even more unique than ever before.

the good - online, competitive multiplayer, excellent graphics and sound, career mode is lengthy, teams in racing modes are nice additions

the bad - hasn't added much of any new twists or innovations

Presentation - 8

Graphics - 9

Sound - 10

Game play - 10

Lasting appeal - 9

Overall 9.2 out of 10 Gamespot score 9.0 out of 10