Carbon is simply a fun street racer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
I've played many of the NFS games, and I have to say that this one is by far my favorite guilty pleasure. There is something enjoyable about almost every aspect of the game. The story is fairly basic. Something happened in a big race, you left town for a while, now you're back and looking to reclaim your right to the streets. After destroying your car you get introduced to the three types of cars in the game. The muscle, the exotic, and the tuner.

Each car comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. The muscles are extremely fast and have the highest top speeds. The exotics are quick off the line and fair enough in terms of top speed and turns. The tuners are excellent on taking turns, but they suffer from lower speeds and slower starts.

Each class provides a different and fun way to play the game, but in addition to the types of classes of car, you have your hired help. The team drivers are another interesting way to revamp the game. There are blockers, scouts, and drifters. Blockers will deal with other cars by ramming them giving you time to move on. Scouts will find new paths for your car to run through and save you time on the race. Drifters will allow you to drift behind them and build up speed before you slingshot out from behind them.

The racing types are numerous and offer different forms of fun to be had, especially if you drive diverse cars. Speaking of diverse, the amount of customization is outrageous and allows for a truly unique car.

There are some minor problems with the game, on occasion the game can have a frame rate issue, but these are fairly rare and have not done anything to damage the game in a great way. The police chases are a slight disappointment, after playing most wanted I wanted more from the chases. However, I really am glad they did not make it as difficult as most wanted, I enjoy getting to play with the cops and not have to worry about getting busted when the heat gets too high. I also wish the cutscenes were as epic as most wanted, but the game has plenty of lasting appeal.

Overall I love this game because I'm a street racing fan, it has plenty of customizable components, and it stays entertaining with the different race types.