Making a great franchise even better.

User Rating: 9.3 | Need for Speed Carbon PS3
This game is very similar to the last installment Need for Speed:Most wanted. This game however does add some exciting new mechanics to truly make it a great game.

Umm... Basic driving mechanics. R2 is your gas pedal and L2 being your brake. You steer with the left thumb stick. Motion sensing would have been nice but I played the Wii version and the motion sensing didn't work very well.Anyways ANY racering game players sould recognize the control scheme.

This is basically like Need for Speed: Most wanted. You race people around the tracks to win. All the basic race styles are here: circuit, sprint,Check point, etc. But you basic goal is to win all the territory of Palmont City. You battle(race) other "gangs" to win all the territory and put to shame the leader. The biggest edition to this game is definately the addition of wingmen. You can hire people to do jobs during races. They can scout shortcut, or block cars , or even become drafters to help you get some extra speed.


WOW!! the graphics are truly and amazing achievement. The cars look like street bullies and the night time life(a la underground) look outstanding. This is easily the strongest part of the game. Character models are just like in Most wanted. Real people "play the characters" It looks like they're real people while being in a game.

All in all this is an excellent edition to the franchise. Though it takes alot form Most wanted that's good because that game was very successful. Carbon adds plenty of stuff to make it an independant game. I highly recommend it to anyone whoi has a PS3.