This game is awesome, recommend this as a classic game to replay and enjoy

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
This game you are racing against many different drivers. you race in a muscle, exotic, or tuner class. Muscle is high acceleration, exotic is high top speeds and tuner is great for handling. For what class you choose depends on how your game is going to go. choose wisely because when you first start off it will be easy pretty easy until you get to your first boss. Also in my opinion this game is well over most other need for speed. This game is a must have you have heart for racing and really intense fast cars. They have porsches ford and chevy. They also have Alfa Roma which doesn't usually get a lot of hype along with Mazda. They also have dodge, shelby and of course Lamborgini. The only thing i think that they lack is the fact that you don't get very much money nor can you go back to a race and score more from a race. all you get is 500 or 750 with Samson and Neville.