Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City is a unique game that is improved over previous games.

User Rating: 8.8 | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City PSP
The Good: A lot in the game is good, selection of cars, graphics, sense of speed, and the story.

The Bad: It is a little short and tends to freeze up.

Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City is a unique PSP racer. It looks very good and has a very good sense of speed. Own the City also comes with a very good selection of cars. Cars very from sports cars to classics, even new cars from last year are included in the new line-up. As in in the other Need for Speed games you are able to customize your cars with what you like including rims, body kits, spoilers and all that. This is a little weak in this game compared to earlier games in the series, especially "Most Wanted" Story wise the game has one. "Underground" if you remember had nothing, just racing making it a little boring. The story is pretty good. The main factor is that your brother died and you take to the streets and race to find out who did it. While your at the at you gaining back lost territory, there is the Own the City part, you face many opponents each with their own crew and certain cars. For being portable this game has a good story and that is one good part of the game. A new factor in the Carbon series is the "crew". The crew is two other racers that race with you to help out in the race. You have three choices of what your crew teammates can do. They can either be a Brawler, this person goes in ahead of you and takes out the other races, an Assassin speeds ahead of and drops a spike strip to blow out the tires of your opponent, but be careful it can do the same to you. The last class in the Drifter, this person creates a drift that helps you catch up to your opponent. As you progress through the game you can recruit more crew members and the level up to the maximum level of 3. As for the overall game it is great. New features and great online play, this is one PSP racer done right and by far the best Need for Speed racer on the PSP.