Racing is not realy my life but gaming is so will this racer get me into this kind of gaming?

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed Carbon PS2
Need for Speed Carbon is as you might be able to tell from its name a racing game. As you might know about me already i am not a huge fan of racing games and i do not go out of my way to buy racing games but at the same time if someone is getting me one as a gift i will not throw it back in there face....After all i am still a gamer. With that out of the way lets get back to the review at hand.

I feel like changing things up so i am just going to jump right into the plot and then go from there. Having escaped from the police in Rockport, the player is shown driving to Palmont City. A flashback of a race against Kenji, Angie, and Wolf comes to the player's mind. Near the end of the race, the player was winning, but the police suddenly appeared and brought the race to a close. Darius allows the player to borrow his car and thus escape. As the flashback concludes, former police sergeant now turned bounty hunter Cross shows up in his Chevrolet Corvette. Cross pursues the player, which leads to the player's BMW M3 GTR that he reclaimed from Razor in Need for Speed: Most Wanted becoming wrecked. Before Cross can arrest the player, Darius and his crew arrive. Darius orders his assistant to pay Cross and the player then is teamed up with Nikki, who is now Darius' girlfriend, on bad terms. Darius tells the player to regain control of the different territories in Palmont. Winning races one by one, the player acquires territories and ultimately districts from Kenji Downtown Bushido, Angie Kempton 21st Street, and Wolf Fortuna TFK. After beating each racer, the player meets up with a former member of that racer's crew, who want to join the player's crew and reveal their observations regarding the night the player took off from Palmont.

After gaining control of all three districts, Darius asks the player to meet up with him. Darius reveals that he was just using the player all along to get more territory, and that he has brought Cross along to arrest the player. Darius leaves the player at the mercy of Cross, but the player is saved by the arrival of Nikki, who tells him that she now realizes everything that happened months ago after piecing together her view of the night and the viewpoints of the other racers. This is where i leave off with the plot and let you the player find out more once you start playing it.

Now that the plot has been look at it is time to look at the gameplay of Need for Speed Carbon. The gameplay is based upon rival street racing crews. Players run a crew and can hire specific street racers to be in their crew and the active friendly racer is known as a wingman. Each hirable street racer has two skills, one which is a racing skill scout, blocker, and drafter and a non-race skill fixer, mechanic, and fabricator. Each skill has different properties from finding hidden alleys/back streets shortcuts to reducing police attention. Cars driven by the wingmen are also different; blockers drive muscles, drafters drive exotics and scouts drive tuners although the first two unlockable wingmen Neville and Sal drive cars according to the player's chosen car class at the start of the game. In career mode, players have to race tracks and win to conquer territories and face off against bosses to conquer districts. Unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Underground, Carbon had no drag racing. However, Carbon features the return of drift racing, a mode that had been included in two previous installments Need For Speed: Underground and Underground 2, but omitted from Carbon's predecessor, Most Wanted; and new style of event, Canyon Event, based on Japanese Touge races. There are four types of Canyon Events: Canyon Duel, Canyon Sprint, Canyon Checkpoint and Canyon Drift. A special point to note is that Lap Knockout race events are omitted, compared to previous installments.

Need for Speed Carbon came out for Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Mobile phone, Zeebo on or around October 31, 2006.

The System requirements for Need for Speed Carbon are:

Microsoft Windows:
Windows XP or better.
1.7GHz CPU.
512MB RAM.
5.3GB hard disk drive space.
DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with one of these chipsets: Radeon 8500; GeForce 4 Ti.
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card.
8x DVD drive (DVD edition) / CD drive (CD edition).

Mac OS X 10.4.9 or better.
1.83 GHz CPU Intel Core Duo.
512 MB RAM.
6 GB hard disk space.
Radeon X1600; GeForce 7300 GT.
DVD-ROM drive.

From the time i had spent with this game when i first got it to now i have to say it has been a fun game. Not the best game in the world mind but to fill up some spare time while waiting for a new game to come it does the job and then some...