Need for speed carbon: own the city would be a awesome game. If they had maked it harder.

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City DS
Need for speed carbon: own the city is a good game. It has plenty of races and a lot of cars and tuning options but the game is fairly short.When you start the campaign you must first buy a car: a Volkswagen golf, or a chevrolet cobalt. As you progress in the campaign you unlock more cars that you can buy.
The goal of the campaign is to find out who killed your brother. To get that information you have to ask crew leaders if they know more about it. Each crew has a part of the city that they own and each part of the city has unique race tracks. you must win a lot of those races to unlock the race against a crew's second man. you must beat him to be able to challenge the crew leader to retrieve the information you need. Oh and if you beat the crew leader you get that part of the city that they own.
The opponents that you race against are not that good. They drive well but miss a lot of shortcuts and take a bad line. To make it EVEN easier they give you a wingman. A wingman is the 4rd racer that can drive in front of you so you can draft it which gives you extra nitrous oxide. Or attack the 1st driver in the race making him crash. NOTE: these wingman abilities are activated abilities which means that you have to activate them and have a cooldown. If you beat a crew leader you will also get to extra wingman; a attacker and a defender. Racing is smooth in the first few levels. But when you take a good car like a ford gt and use nitrous. The car gets so hard to handle you can as well just immediately bump it into a car.
The multiplayer is good. You have multi card races and download play races the multi card races are fully tunable (race type, track, traffic level, laps, and direction) and single card races are always the same (same track and all other stuff(always)) and you race in a rx 8.

There are 4 race types.

Circuit; the normal circuit race.
sprint; a really short race on a part of the track.
eliminator; a race with 3 laps each lap the player who gets last over the finish will be eliminated until there is only 1 man left standing.
hunter; bump into other cars and get points and if people bump into you you lose points. The player with the most points at the end wins.
good stuff: a lot of cars and tuning options, a lot of variation in racing.
Garbage: too easy, too hard with nitrous on the higher levels.Variety: 8/10
gameplay: 6.5/10
unlockables: 10/10 With custumizeable dashboard (unlock first).
Campaign stuff: 8.5/10
non campaign: 6.5/10
multiplayer: 6/10

8+6.5+10+8.5+6.5+6 : 6 =7.5