Sometimes a little easy, sometimes a little hard... Very spontaneous

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed Carbon WII
The graphix are pretty nice, gameplay is quite usual, but lacks the fun in variety.

-- Some content below may contain spoilers.

In my opinion, Career mode is fun until you beat it. They even come up with a pretty lame paragraph stating that ' There's ton of things to do ' after you've completed career, such as Challenge series, Reward Cards and such. Okay, well.. Some of the reward cards are pretty stupid to unlock... for example, to have 1 000 000$ balance in career. If you didn't know that ahead of time (like me) it will be pretty hard to unlock, since you might've used up some money on OTHER stuff, such as new cars (incase you get your car tolled) or upgrading you / your crew member's cars (since they are not very good after a while). But still, reward cards / challenge series get pretty boring after awhile. However, they DO have some creative stuff you can unlock., such as the fire truck, and the police cars (civic, etc). Another thing is that there is no music while playing 2 player mode, well.. it gets pretty boring with no music (you can create your own), but it is not very essential. Another.. is that there is no replays, like say you pulled off an awesome drift, then you can't replay it, which pretty much sucks, since anything can happen when you are driving ^^.

Okay, now to talk about the Wii interface with this game.
Well, at first I thought it wouldn't be very good using the Wii-mote as a controller for NFS, but it turned out to be quite well. With the nunchuck, it doesn't take as much mastery with the controller itself, but if you don't have the nunchuck, all you do is tilt the wii-mote like a steering wheel, but if you tilt it too much, it won't work very efficiently. One thing that I like about the Wii version is that it has a variety of pre-set controls, and they are pretty well nicely thought out. One thing that might enhance gameplay is to buy one of those steering wheel addons for the Wii, but I cannot give much feedback because I do not have one of my own, but its only $20CA (for a set) anyways [=.

Overall, it has been fun playing this, because it offers a pretty big variety of cars, but not a very big variety of ' fun ' stuff to do. It may seem that most of the above are negative concepts, but if you like street racing, I can assure you that you won't regret buying this.