Awesome street racer.

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed: Carbon PC
Need For Speed Carbon is the coolest street racer at the moment.
The Career mode is well designed with outrageous cutscenes.
One of the coolest parts of the game is the customization(Autosculpt) part. Here you can customize everything: engine, NOS, exhaust tip, wheels, vinyls, suspension etc.
In the game there are 5 types of racing: Sprint, Speedtrap, Circuit, Drift and Canyon. Canyon races are very hard because they are narrow and with many curves, Sprint races are a point A to point B race and Speedtraps are races with the winner being the player with the highest speed overall.
Carbon has a great selection of cars: muscle cars, tuner cars and exotic cars. They are all modeled excellent and all sound different and handle different.
The objective in Carbon is to take down the city Palmont by defeating 4 bosses. There is also Challenge Series. There the game gives you a car, track, race type and all you have to do is to win the race.
At the moment, Carbon is the ultimate street racer and it is a must have game. I can't wait for Pro Street!