A good NFS game, however if the featured Wingman and Canyon races offered alot more, it would of been alot better.

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: Carbon PC
You start the career mode, you find the city has gangs battling over terrorities, your given job is to take over the whole city. To do this, you enter race events to take over those terrority. To help you win races, you are assigned wingman, from a choice of three different wingman, it does offer you something different in races, however they could of been alot more they could of done.

The story is the best, with amazing cutscenes and a good story. The characters are filled with personality, if it was an action movie, I would recommend the run for a fan who like Gone in Sixty Seconds or The Fast and The Furious, because the story is that good. Even in races, the Wingman are loaded with personality.

The other new features are Canyon races, I would say these aren't as good as they are. In Canyon Sprirt, the tracks are totally safe, so you can crash and grind on walls, however in the Canyon Duel, the same tracks are used however the walls are replaced with weak metal girders, the point being if someone crashes and run off the road, they lose, however keep in mind, there the same tracks as the one's without it. It's simply blows my sense of reality.

The boss battles were annoying, you'll win races easily but then come across an over powered boss duel. All the boss battles take part in a city race and a canyon race.

Customization returns but it isn't just putting on aftermarket parts, you can render your own shapes with special tools and position vinyls to your liking. You hardly think about the police chases in the game.

The whole career mode will be over before you know it, I managed to complete the game under 6 hours. The fun doesn't stop there, you can unlock other content after complete really long grind to earn money and complete races, however it does give you a good reason to keep playing the game if you really enjoyed the races or mechanics and offers you a bit of fun.