fun game. great customization. a good story for a racing game. great graphics.

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
when i first played this game, i was in awe. the people look so real. i dunno if they somehow digitally place real people into the game or what. but i swear i think the people are real. and the rest of the graphics are great too. shiny car, wet road, and the swervy mountain hills.

the cars can be easily controlled once you get play a few minutes. the cars have great customization. no matter what weakness you have, you got some way to fix it. not to mention you can just make your car look so cool.

the little features, like boss races, where you race down a huge curvy mountain road trying not to go off the edge. or the fact that you can win the car of the boss you just beat. stuff like that is awesome. and you get the feeling you are racing gangs.

the story isnt deep or dramatic. but its enough to be called a story and will keep you playing.

this was the first game i got with my 360. and i love it. great game.

i would greatly appreciate any feedback about my reviews. i would like to do this professionally and comments are welcomed. just message me. thank you