basicly NFS most wanted in NFS2 city

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
yep,thats exacly what it is.I dont want to go on but the rewiew needs 100 words so....
The new canyon mode is basiclly a race in the canyon,you can drift but you wont o much of it.The next new thing is autoscult.You use a slider to change elemants of the part(bumpers rims stuff like that)all it does it make the item bigger or smaller or cuter or meaner-well a little bit.This version has xbox live.personally i hate live(it ruinins single player)well the live on this is lame-o,with a capital O and L.All you do is do crapy races and silly run from the player that are cops game.On single player you have reward cards.these are crds and you unlock somthing if you do all 4 challenges on the cards.These kinda clog up the menus.They are a bit lame-o,more lame tan live.Any way all these rewards are pointless,unlock silly paint or a said "cool" bumper but its a eye-sore.When you boot the game up it says in big fat letters YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO LIVE YOU HAVE TO CONNECT TO LIVE OR THE WORLD WILL YOU WILL DIE YOUR FAMILY WILL DIE THE WORLD WILL END CONNECT TO LIVEpress X to continue.You think why does it want me to connect to live?If i wanted to go on live i would have connected..but ten it saysSCANS SHOW YOU DO NOT HAVE A EA NATION ACCOUNT MAKE ONE NOW OR THE WORLD WILL get the idea.This game is a crapy sequel that 95% of EA's games consist of.
Pros:if you dont have NFSMW you can get this
Cons:wierd message at start
freaky live
same as NFSMW