The sequal to need for speed Most wanted. Seems awesome, but there's something missing...

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed Carbon PS2
Need for speed: Carbon review


This was a game made by Electronic Arts Canada

Cars and Tracks:

This game has LOADS of cars, like the porsche carrera GT and the Mitsubushi Evolution. Also, it lets you upgrade those cards to go super fast, and to look super cool. The tracks are a bit simple though. Just racing through not so special streets, in the middle of the night so you cant see ANYTHING. Plus you can never find a straight long enough to use your new engine / turbo / nitrous.


The graphics are good, but nothing that would make you choose it ove need for speed Most Wanted. Its the same old chunky cars, and super pixelly traffic cars. the textures are resonable, but nothing to blow you away.


The aim of the game is too earn back your reputation after you left town (which i can never seem to remember happening in Most Wanted) Soo... the cops nick your car after you trash it... and then you have to buy a little car that looks like a wheelie bin. But thats not very good, because that happened in Most wanted aswell. You ask a guy to join your team, and then you just... race. gets pretty boring after a while

So i think this is a good game... but you should buy Need for speed Most wanted Instead of it or before you buy carbon.

Gameplay....... 7
Graphics......... 8
Variety............ 8
Controls.......... 7

Overall 7.5/10