Carbon is Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed Carbon X360

Need for Speed: Carbon for Microsoft Xbox 360 is about how you left at the end of Most Wanted and years later came back, where everything is change, is all about have a crew to take the enemy's territories and claim it as yours. There is a lot of set of you can choose as your progress in the game and customizing the look of you car, if you wanted to do. The gameplay of Need for Speed: Carbon is like Need for Speed: Most Wanted where you have to win races to meet boss challenge, but it also remove the police pursuit as isn't require for you to do, but you can still get chases by cops during races or causing a lot of damage in free roam, there's canyon races where you mostly races bosses but last one is quite harder. The graphics in Need for Speed: Carbon is a little approved over Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but overall it's still the same. The sound in Need for Speed: Carbon is the same as previous Need for Speed video game series as you go around racing, the soundtrack is good on the menus screens and voice acting was good but gets annoying when you mess up again bosses. Overall, Need for Speed: Carbon is a fair to good game for those, who kind of into racing like simulations and street racing and also drifting should at lease give this game a try.

Gameplay: 6- Turning is harder when reaching at the end of the game for a Tier 3 car.

Graphics: 8- The in-game graphics are nice and the cut scene are improve a little bit from Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Sound: 7- Good sound track when play the game from menus.

Value: 5- Need for Speed: Carbon is a good game, if you like straight up racing and there also a challenge series, in which it'll challenge your skills and a quick race for you and your friend or you can go online via XBox Live (requires gold membership)

Total: 6.5