This is a game you have to stick with, but the reward is worth it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed Carbon X360
Overall: My reaction to this game is WOW. it basically captures you from the start. This was actually my first 360 game, so i was obviously overwhelmed. the game actually lets you sort of get better as the career mode continues. the races are top notch, and most race modes in career are easy to pick up.


1) Storyline: the story to the game really captured me from the start and it really kept me playing the game to find out how it all ended.

2) Career: This is what you should play first. There are four dfferent parts of the city you have to take over. Each part of the city is owned by a different crew. When you take over each part of each district you have a Boss, the Crew leader you must overcome. You first beat them in the street and then in the Canyon. It moves along pretty quickly.

3) Pursuit: this is Not good enough to be in the GOOD category but not bad enough to be in the BAD category. Most of the time when you hit a pursuit breaker, a building or something that can fall over, you don't even stop the cops. I got caught a lot also because cars from the traffic got in the way.


1) Canyon Races: These are pretty rough. there are curves everywhere. and on top of that you don't have any nitrous. basically this was a good idea gone bad.

2) Final Boss: This is a crappy designed last race because you have to beat all four of the final races to win the game. So if you have beaten three but have to go somewhere you can't save your progress.

3) Drift races: These aren't necessarily awful but it just takes a while of playing before you can actually win one of the these dumb races.

Bottom Line: This is a great buy in 2009 because its only 15 bucks at Gamestop, where you should buy all your games, and it has great quality and tons of depth.