Refunds on NCAA '13

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Problem I'm having and I am beyond fed up with games that developers/producers get lazy on and release as nothing short of complete garbage by the time we play it, example Diablo III (don't get off topic, but they did refund me fully). 

The problem I'm having with NCAA - S.Car is my home team that I am trying to do a Dynasty with. Every time I get to the third game of the season, it looks up after the controller select of which team you want to play. (Hard lock meaning I have to get up and power the console off - the machine takes no commands from the controller) **Before you say, it is the controller ... no I have multiple, doesn't matter which one it is.** This also happens in the Online Dynasty mode every time I try to practice with my squad. Few other random times here or there it will happen, but those instances are always consistent. 

Took me a minute, but I was able to finally track down the customer support number for EA. None of the options give you a choice to speak about EA Sports and the call disconnects you. I had to go into an option for another game. The representative was somewhat helpful, but a customer shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops for a newly released game. He suggested deleting my dynasty file (fourth time I've done this). Clear the Xbox Cache. Clear the Xbox Hard Drive (!!!??!!!) Also try a friend's disc. 

Has anyone else done these steps or been having similar problems? Has EA compensated any of you for this product after your purchase?

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I had the exact same problem on week 3 of dynasty. Had to restart my Xbox 6 (literally) times before it finally allowed me to launch my week 3 game. 

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Don't think you'll get refunded, unfortunately. However, EA just came out with a patch, and it looks as if this issue has been fixed. Happened to me twice in one season in a Dynasty.
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I was able to get a "one time" refund from gamestop after complaining to the BBB. My suggestion would be to send a complaint to the BBB, and then learn the lesson to never buy crap from EA again.

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Yes I am having that problem as well but it is not with the games of the seasons. My problem happens after the season is over and going to the coaching carousal. It hard locks everytime I go through a couple of rejections for HC jobs I would say about 10 into rejections and hard locks and ALWAYS at the same team. What is the problem with the game? It has done this for two seaons now. I am so disappointed with NCAA 13