Rushing is the only thing with an ounce of fun in this disaster.

User Rating: 1 | NCAA Football 12 X360
The passing game is horrid. The cpu pass defense is totally unrealistic. Reminds me of the crap fest that was NCAA with Larry Fitzgerald on the cover. There are no passing windows. Almost impossible to throw over defenders or zip it by a LB. Super human reflexes make this game a piece of crap. Defenders in man to man coverage react like they did in like 1995. They are on your receivers like glue, turning on a dime while your player has to gather himself and take an extra step to pivot before a cut. In zone coverage, defenders are psychic and fly in to swat the ball without any sense of realism. They will even clip through your open target to intercept the ball. Apparently Tiburon forgot to put in the rule where when a receiver steps out of bound, he cant come back in play and be the first one to touch the ball. I had a game when the cpu WR ran out of bounds, my CB gets confused, the WR runs down the sideline only to come back in play to catch the ball 20 yds away from my CB for the TD. Recruiting is the same boring event. Team Builder is pretty cool until you import the team into the game. Player models came out stupid. Worst one was a DT on my team weighing over 300lbs looking like a damn 140lb kicker. A lot of people will have fun with this game and its the people that a blind fans of EA.

I gave this game a 1 in hopes of knocking the score down. Its more like a 6.5 for me.