How come I can't get a great college football game?

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 12 X360
I've owned NCAA 12 since the day it came out, but I didn't want to write a review until I had played the game for a while and could really comment on everything with clarity.
Unfortunately, this series continues to be stuck in mud and unable to make strides forward.
Graphics: While the player models do look great, because EA thinks it is important to have great looking grass(?!), the field itself is blurry. And while the stadiums look OK, they look the same as they have for a couple of years.
Presentation: Of course, EA sold this entire game on it's improved presentation. And while as an LSU fan it's nice to see Mike the Tiger roar in his cage, this is hardly an upgrade in presentation. I do love the camera angles, however, on replays.
Gameplay/control: This is where NCAA 12 falls flat on it's face. Last year's game was so easy, you had to play on Heisman just for a challenge. So to fix this, EA decided to return to an Interception-happy game, where a cornerback or linebacker 5 yards away from where you throw the ball can still make up the ground and intercept the football. You can have a receiver completely open with noone within 5 yards of him, and the corner, safety, or linebacker can still use warp speed to knock down or intercept the pass. It's unrealistic, it's frustrating, and it almost breaks the entire passing system.
On the other hand, the running game is great, the best it's ever been.
And if all this sounds a bit harsh, then you shoud download the Madden 12 demo and compare. When compared to Madden 12, the makers of NCAA 12 should give all of us who bought this game our money back. It's almost current gen/next gen different.
All in all, I am still a college football fan and will continue to play NCAA 12. I just wish I could get a college game on the same level as the excellent Madden 12.