Totally new game... totally new bugs. High-potential game but broken so bad its impossible to play.

User Rating: 6 | NCAA Football 12 PS3
NCAA 2012 offers a unique tackling system that makes the game much different than last year(s) games. However, this new feature does come with some bugs that make this game which was nearly flawless have some dullness. First of all, let me start out saying I only play on Heisman and do not use sliders. This may or may not make a difference. I play lots of games against the CPU and USERs due to playing in 4 different online dynasties. I have played the NCAA series every year since the first one on PS2.

When trying to tackle the running back, sometimes you kinda just give him a brush on the shoulder and he keeps going, and whenever you are trying to knock a streaking ball carrier out of bounds, it's REALLY easy to miss them completely as they walk into the end zone. Occasionally you get a glitch where you just completely warp to the left or right of ball carrier.

The smartest AI defense you have ever seen in a football game resides in NCAA 12. The passing defense some say is actually too good. Either way, on Heisman difficulty it defiantly makes it tougher. No more winning games with 500 yards passing and 5 TDs. The stats at the end of the year will be way more realistic than ever before. However, there are some crazy moments that take away from the realism. Example: Lets say you have a TE streaking up the middle, a slot WR on a post route, and the outside WR on a corner. The safety will pick up the TE and the CBs man up on the WRs. If you have a receiver get a step or two... watch out. Lots of times, the safety who is running with the TE at full speed and not even looking at you will all of a sudden stop and break on the ball for an easy swat or pick.

The online dynasty experience has so many more options this year and so does RTG. However, the online dynasty mode is bugged right now. Ive had one of my dynasties be completed deleted into week 5 by the EA servers. It just disappeared. Luckily our commish keep a back up copy so we could start where we left off. Another issue is when playing a user game. After the game, I keep having problems where the game will act like it loads up but when the commish advances the week, the game gets simmed so really you have no affect on your game. I won one game 35-0 and it got simmed and I won 19-6. Another game I won 38-0 and it got simmed and I lost 28-17. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

This game looks amazing! It's by far the best looking football game to date. However, the number of bugs, and the magnitude of the glitches, make the game almost unenjoyable. There's nothing like whipping up on a buddy in an online dynasty just to watch the EA servers delete your game and sim the action. All the stats and highlights you had from the game are gone! Better yet, EA just deletes your dynasty all together. Thank you EA sports for giving me the decision to buy Madden for the first time in years. Go Vols!!!