Lockout Madden, Pick Up NCAA Football 2012 Instead.

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 12 X360
While page after page of possible tweaks with in both the Dynasty and Road to Glory modes might turn some people off to this game, it is the ability to modify the tiny details that fully immerse you into the college experience. From the conceited high school recruits to the team specific celebrations, NCAA Football 2012 makes you feel like you just registered for fall classes. The gameplay has improvements here and there, most notably the gang tackling feature, but at its core it is pretty much the same as the 2011 version (which isn't a bad thing). The graphics are much improved from what was already a great looking game. For me personally it is the first time I have bought a college football game since Joey Heisman adorned the cover of NCAA Football 2003. After growing tired of the yearly Madden installments I decided to give college the old college try. I am sure I made the right decision.