Am I taking crazy pills!? Does nobody realize we are being sold repackaged junk with some new lighting? WE MUST REBEL!!!

User Rating: 5.5 | NCAA Football 12 PS3
Heed my Warning!! If you believe this old, glitchy, bland game is worth 60$, you are sadly mistaken. We Gamers mst REBEL

First off, I love sports games, and mosdef love football games. So this review isn't from someone who doesn't love and know sports. But I literally feel slapped in the face for shelling over 60$ for this rehashed bug fest.

I'm more of a Madden player but I have been buying NCAA for the last 4+ years. 4 years ago was a blast, 3 years ago was fun, 2 years ago was boring, last year was just awful, and this year is a combo of the last 2. AM I the only one who realizes this is the same game with some new shadowing??? LB's still swat waaaay too many balls, DB's still slide to the ball like they're on skates. There's still the feeling of the game freezing nearly every down, and recruiting is a complete joke. I'm telling whoever is reading this, until we refuse to buy junk like this, they will continue to sell us junk. I promise I will never blindly buy this game again, and I recommend you do the same!

Graphics- 7.The shadowing looks nice, but it's the same graphics since '08
Gameplay- 5. The first few hours are kinda fun, but once you truly see all the techinical issues, it's a mess
Sound- Seriously nobody realizes it's 99% the same from the last 2 years?
Game Modes- 3. Just because the modes added some new glitz, doesn't change they are exactly the same!!!
Online-9. Gotta be honest. No lag and worked well