Better presentation, tighter controls, more customizations, same old gameplay and cheap A.I.

User Rating: 8 | NCAA Football 12 PS3

Presentation: Graphics have been slightly improved with a clearer look to the players, stadiums, and crowds. The introductions for each team looks great and the sound/commentary is top notch. The atmosphere is very reminiscent of a college football stadium setting.

Gameplay: The controls (especially running) feels very fluid and are very responsive. Playing through Road To Glory mode has been improved with a couple of additions, mostly giving players the option of playing through their created players entire senior high school season, using experience points to build their player, and an extra Coach's Trust mode that monitors practice and gives (or takes away) XP depending on how you perform. The customization options are pretty neat giving players the option to upload custom team uniforms, and an even more customizable online experience.


Cheap AI: I've experienced that increased difficulty in this game more or less means how cheap the AI in the game becomes. Superhuman like speed from safeties to pick off passes at the last second that aren't near their area, Nostradamus-like DBs that know your play before you even run it, and linebackers that can jump and knock passes 10 yards away from them down that come anywhere near them. OK, so that last one was a slight exaggeration but only very slight. It's annoying to see a game with such smooth gameplay affected by these unrealistic actions by the computer.

Gameplay: While the gameplay is smooth, it's mostly unchanged. While this is a bit of nit-picking, there is much that can be improved, especially on the defensive side such as reaction time and getting linemen off of blocks.

Overall it's a nice package that is more of a polished NCAA 11 than a totally new experience. I didn't purchase the game (thank you Gamefly) but it can't be beat for college football fans. just be aware that the AI gets cheaper as you increase difficulty.