Same engine, same sandbox

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 11 PS3
Once again, EA Sports serves up on a silver platter, a tired game engine, cheating A.I., non-existent A.I. blocking, glitch carnival, and a money play festival. NCAA Football 11 has a very fun Dynasty Mode, and recruiting is what basically pulls you in. Other than this, the gameplay is the same ole same ole. And where are the Div II teams? Nex Gen gaming and you remove the FCS schools? Are you kidding me?

What happened to the off-season workout drills that the PS2 had? This game has serious potential to be great, but the team at EA Sports are lazy and don't give a crap. Just pile on silly features, beef up the presentation and hype, and release the same old nonsense with updated rosters. We could do without Mascot games. It's childish. And the beat goes on. Bottom line, we need some competition out here and fast.