EA is truly terrible at making football games.

User Rating: 6 | NCAA Football 11 X360
First off i have bought Ncaa every year and honestly this will be my last.I pay 60 bucks for the crap they make every year they change some things but they focus on crap that game develops focus on when their game is running at top form but it seems they just skip over it or worst they just think its working right.

1.Heisman mode - This mode is a joke,EA has never been able to balance the game right.Playing the other difficulty modes are just way too easy and then comes heisman (which is the only mode i play on) where im looking for challenge but i encounter pure B.S. all the time.For one your players are now completely tards and it doesnt matter the team you play they are now All Stars.Hey EA you cant put a difficulty mode on sports it just doesnt work you cant make bad player all a sudden great ones just make it by the numbers.If a RB goes up against a LB then it should be based on tackle rating,break tackle rating,strength,agility,the angle both players are in this is common knowledge to determine the outcome but it seems EA would rather leave the robbed feeling i feel when i bought this game.

2. Camera angles - This is something you see right off the bat i mean come on this is the first thing you look at while making a game but yet angles never change they stay the same every year.Perhaps its to make the game tougher you know throwing to flats when you have no idea if your WR is open or not your pretty much playing fliping a coin on it everytime.

3.Road to glory - This mode was quite a great idea but they put little thought into it.They copy/paste from last year and you see the same boring ideas over and over.Also camera angles are completely fail like you have a blind spot in the field or something.Not to mention your team mates are tards costing you game after game.

4.Dynasty - This is something that is actually decent but again it involves you playing a broken game.Great ideas tho

5.CPU illegel blocks - I see this happen way too often where im being blocked from the back its quite ridiculous.The game forces me to turn around to the man so he can make the block its fail and happens all the time.

6.AI - Now this is something that i truly cant believe all AI esp on your team are just tards they cant do anything right most the time.blocking,running the ball,catching the ball,coverage, nothing nada zip! when the play breaks down my WR just stand their looking at me but yet the WR on the other team seems to run back to help his QB.thats just a example.

I feel ripped off this isnt worth 60 bucks hardly worth 20 honestly EA doesnt put any effort its truly pathletic i can tell you they dont use game testers because their is no way they would approve of this game.Game spot rated this 8.0 thats just for the player vs player experience anything but that other wise is this game is pure fail.