Another round of some collage football.

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 11 PS3
Well NCAA football keeps getting better year after year.
The graphics are looking sharp and the game play is spot on.
Gone are the shoe string tackles that the D seem to be able to make no matter what. It's pretty bad when you're running with the ball and a D-lineman would fall and touch your runners shoe and you'd go down. Now your guy will fight forward until he goes down or until he breaks away from everyone.
The coach challenge still needs some work. There have been several times when a WR catches the ball and he's clearly out of bounds and the play is not over turned.
The weather still needs some work also. When it snows or rains the grass never shows the effects. I want to be able to see the snow building up, getting deeper or show where the players ran or fell on the field. Lets see the big mud stains like you would in a real game. Lets see the crews come out and shovel the snow just so you can see where the lines are on the field.
The No Huddle Offense is a big improvement over the past games. Now when you hold down the triangle button to run no huddle, you can switch plays instead of only being able to run the exact same play.
Making a return is the performance level where you can see how rattled your players are. I don't know why the did away with this cause it's a really good feature to have.
Were is Lee Corso? I always liked watching Coach make his pick and put on the teams helmet or mascot head, that was always funny. Now he's gone and so are his pick. WTF EA!?
Big minus, player improvement. Before after games you could see if your player(s) have improved. Now you have to wait until the end of the season to see if there was any improvements to your players. This is something hopefully will be brought back for NCAA 12.
I would still like to see the uniforms for Army, Navy, Air Force brought up to date. If you watch a game the players have patches on their uniforms. It would be nice to add this simple little thing to make it match up with the real life players. They don't need to add every single patch, but maybe 10 or 20 for each team.
Overall, other than these small things NCAA 11 is an over the top game and should keep you busy until next season comes around.