The Best College Football Game This Gen

User Rating: 9.5 | NCAA Football 11 X360

Fluid Gameplay: NCAA 11 has a nice "flow" to it that's difficult to describe. The game runs at a buttery smooth 60fps and there are some new animations. Everything from the players getting to the line of scrimmage, to how the players run the play just feels right.

Pro-Tak System: Introduced into Madden last year, this new tackling animation system gives the game a more realistic feel. Gang tackles are now commonplace, like in real life. And you'll see your player fight for more yards after first contact, like in real life. Great addition by EA.

Presentation: NCAA 11 has team-specific stadium entrances, fans will wear the same jersey as your team, and there's a post-game highlightmontage of top plays of the game. There's still room for improvement, but this is a great step forward.

Online Dynasty: Not a new feature, but still worthy of praise. Up to 12 gamers can complete in a dynasty for 30 seasons. You compete on the recruiting trail and on the virtual field. This is a dream come true for any college football sports gamer.

Online Rosters: Again, not a new feature, but still worthy of praise.You can download, FOR FREE, complete rosters for every team. Takes a total of, maybe, 5 minutes too. Again, another dream come true for the college football sports gamer.


Weather Effects: Just not done well. Rain looks more like fog than actual rain.

Presentation: While there was definite imporvement over last year's game, the series still hasn't reached the presentation level of the games on the PS2/Xbox. Most noticeably the lack of pre-game picks from Herbie and Corso. Maybe next season.


NCAA Football 11 is the best college football game of this generation. The action on the field is fluid and near-realistic. The Pro-Tak system is a great addition, making the tackling and momentum have a better feel to them. Online Dynasty can keep you busy all year as you compete with friends/family on the virtual fields and recruiting trails. Your team now most likely has the same field entrance as they do in real life. Online shared rosters spares you the hours of inputing the names yourself.

There's little to complain about with NCAA 11 other than the presentation still not being on par with last gen's entries. But that's a superficial complaint with the actual game being a blast to play.

A must have for any college football fan who likes sports games.