This game is probably the best game in the NCAA Football franchise, but it isn't the revolutionary game i was looking 4.

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 11 X360
The Good:
1....The Mascot Mash Up---is probably boring to you but to me it is ambitous and risky to add this mini-game in to the game. It should be added at half-time and before the game starts off to add a little bit more excitement can bring your team up after the last loss or make them turn into evil animals on the football field.
2....The gameplay itself---is amazing and the flow of the game is way better than Madden 11 and a lot more realistic too whick make me fell a little better when i throw a interception or fumble the ball.
3....Road to Glory & Dynasty---are two of the most playable modes in the NCAA football. But they should have Erin Andrews interview your R.T.G character to mamke your Legend Score go higher. It should also have choice were you can talk crap about your opponents off or online. It will also make the opponents more dangerous when you confront them in the game, computer or the designated character its self and vice versa.

The Bad:
1....The recivers never block when you make a run for it---it gets extremely annoying when one reciver or the full-half-runningback is about to make a touchdown but there is one person stopping them but there is reciver that just stands there add doesn't block anybody until that person tackles you.
2....Sometimes the recivers can't catch a open pass---no need to explain that one...

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