Why does EA continue to screw the public year after year?

User Rating: 6 | NCAA Football 10 X360
This is a $60 roster update. The insane part about that is the rosters are made up of generic John Doe's. The gameplay is virtually identical to the previous year. It seems as if the entire development budget somehow went completely into marketing.

This is not an improvement or evolutionary step in any way, shape or form! The controls on PS3 are sluggish and the gameplay speed is unbalanced. Forget about trying to read-and-react on defense. Score on every possession or you are toast! It's not like the game is broken, or riddled with bugs and glitches. It's just unpolished and overpriced.

I know this game is jam-packed with all of the NCAA colleges and stadiums, but that was achieved last gen. The graphics are on par with NCAA Football '07, '08, and '09. When are we going to get a new game? That's why people shell out $60 bones, right! What did you do all year, EA?

The game is not garbage, but it's starting to sour! Out with the old and in with the new, please. Lucky enough for me, I've been burned by EA before. Sucked up all the hype with a big 'ol SLURPEE straw. That's why I rented this mess first. Get this junk outta my house!